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Current Delivery Zones (Delivery limited to Part of Gurgaon and New Delhi)

Locality Name PinCode
505 A b workshop South West delhi 110010
A F palam South West delhi 110010
A F rajokari South West delhi 110038
A-3 Janak puri West Delhi 110058
A.G.c.r. Central Delhi 110002 Central Delhi 110055
Abul Fazal enclave-i South Delhi 110025
Adrash Nagar North West delhi 110033
Agon B.O 122104
Air Force S.O 122005
Air Force station tugalkabad South Delhi 110062
Ajmeri Gate extn. Central Delhi 110002
Akhera B.O 122107
Alaknanda South Delhi 110019
Ali South Delhi 110019
Alipur North West delhi 110036
Amar Colony South Delhi 110024
Amberhai South West delhi 110075
Anand Niketan South West delhi 110021
Anand Parbat Central Delhi 110005
Anandvas Shakurpur North West delhi 110034
Andrewsganj South Delhi 110049
Ansari Nagar South West delhi 110029
Aps Colony South West delhi 110010
Arjun Nagar S.O 122001
Arjungarh South West delhi 110047
Ashok Nagar South Delhi 110018
Ashok Vihar North West delhi 110052
Aya Nagar South West delhi 110047
B-1 Janak puri Central Delhi 110058
Badarpur South Delhi 110044
Badhosarai South West delhi 110028
Badli North West delhi 110042
Badusarai South West delhi 110071
Bagrola South West delhi 110077
Bakhtawar Pur North West delhi 110036
Bank Street Central Delhi 110005
Baprola South West delhi 110028
Baroda House Central Delhi 110001
Barthal South West delhi 110077
Basai B.O 122006
Basai Road S.O 122001
Baslambi B.O 122503
Baspadamka B.O 122503
Bengali Market Central Delhi 110001
Bewan B.O 122104
Bhadas B.O 122108
Bhagat Singh market Central Delhi 110001
Bhalaswa North West delhi 110033
Bhola Nath nagar East Delhi 110032
Bijwasan South West delhi 110061
Bsf Camp tigri South Delhi 110062
Btps South Delhi 110044
C G o complex South Delhi 110003
C R r i South Delhi 110020
C.S.k.m. school South West delhi 110074
C.V.d. South West delhi 110010
Chanakya Puri South West delhi 110021
Chattarpur South West delhi 110074
Chhawla South West delhi 110071
Chirag Delhi South Delhi 110017
Chittranjan Park South Delhi 110019
Cod South West delhi 110010
Crpf Jharoda kalan South West delhi 110072
DLF Ph-II S.O 122008
DLF Ph-III S.O 122010
Dakshinpuri Phase-i South Delhi 110062
Dakshinpuri Phase-ii South Delhi 110062
Dakshinpuri Phase-iii South Delhi 110062
Dargah Sharif South Delhi 110013
Darya Ganj Central Delhi 110002
Defence Colony South Delhi 110024
Delhi Cantt South West delhi 110010
Delhi High court Central Delhi 110003
Deoli South Delhi 110062
Desh Bandhu gupta road Central Delhi 110005
Dhansa South West delhi 110073
Dhaula Kuan South West delhi 110010
Dhulsiras South West delhi 110077
Dichaoal Kalan South West delhi 110028
Dindarpur South West delhi 110028
Dr. ambedkar nagar South Delhi 110062
Dulsiras South West delhi 110028
Dungerwas B.O 123106
Dwarka Sec-6 South West delhi 110075
East Of kailash South Delhi 110065
East Of kailash phase-i South Delhi 110065
Fatehpur Beri South West delhi 110074
Gadaipur South West delhi 110030
Galib Pur South West delhi 110028
Galleria DLF-IV S.O 122009
Gandhi Smarak nidhi Central Delhi 110002
Gautam Nagar South Delhi 110049
Ghitorni South West delhi 110030
Ghuman Hera South West delhi 110028
Golf Links South Delhi 110003
Govindpuri South Delhi 110019
Greater Kailash South Delhi 110048
Greater Kailash part ii South Delhi 110048
Green Park market South West delhi 110016
Gulmohar Park South Delhi 110049
Gurgaon H.O 122001
Gurgaon Kty. S.O 122001
Gurgaon Road South West delhi 110037
Gurgaon Sector 17 S.O 122001
Gurgaon Sector 45 S.O 122003
Gurgaon Sector 56 S.O 122011
Gurgaon South City I S.O 122001
Gurgaon South City II S.O 122018
Guru Gobind singh marg Central Delhi 110005
Gwal Pahari B.O 122003
Hamdard Nagar South Delhi 110062
Hari Nagar ashram South Delhi 110014
Hauz Khas South West delhi 110016
Hauz Khas market South West delhi 110016
Hauz Qazi Central Delhi 110006
Hazrat Nizamuddin South Delhi 110013
I.A.r.i. Central Delhi 110012 Central Delhi 110002
IMT Manesar S.O 122052
Igi Airport South West delhi 110037
Ignou South West delhi 110068
Inchhapuri B.O 122414
Inderpuri Central Delhi 110012
Indira Park South West delhi 110045
Indraprastha Central Delhi 110002
Industrial Complex Dundahera S.O 122016
Industrial Estate S.O (Gurgaon) 122007
Issapur South West delhi 110073
It Hauz khas South West delhi 110016
J.N.u. South West delhi 110067
Jafarpur South West delhi 110028
Jafarpur South West delhi 110028
Jagat B.O 122502
Jaitpur South Delhi 110044
Jaitpur B.O 122502
Jama Masjid Central Delhi 110006
Jamalgarh B.O 122508
Jamalpur B.O 122503
Jamia Nagar South Delhi 110025
Janaula B.O 122503
Janpath 110001
Jant B.O 122502
Jataula B.O 122504
Jatauli B.O 122504
Jaunapur South West delhi 110047
Jawasi B.O 122105
Jeevan Nagar South Delhi 110014
Jharoda Kalan South West delhi 110028
Jharsa B.O 122003
Jhatikara South West delhi 110028
Jnu New campus South West delhi 110067
Jungpura South Delhi 110014
Kailash Colony South Delhi 110048
Kair South West delhi 110043
Kalkaji South Delhi 110019
Kalwari B.O 122105
Kangan Heri South West delhi 110028
Karol Bagh Central Delhi 110005
Kasturba Nagar South Delhi 110003
Khaira South West delhi 110043
Khalilpur S.O 122502
Khandewia B.O 122504
Khandsa B.O 122004
Khandsa Road S.O 122001
Khanpur South Delhi 110062
Khera Dabur South West delhi 110028
Kherki Daula B.O 122004
Kherla B.O 122102
KherliLala B.O 122103
Khor B.O 122414
Kidwai Nagar east South West delhi 110023
Krishna Market South Delhi 110024
Lado Sarai South West delhi 110030
Laganj Pojhiyan vaishali wsdwe 110025
Lajpat Nagar South Delhi 110024
Lakhnaula B.O 122004
Lal Kuan South Delhi 110019
Laxmi Bai nagar South West delhi 110023
Lodi Colony market South Delhi 110003
Lodi Road South Delhi 110003
Madanpur Khadar South Delhi 110076
Mahipalpur South West delhi 110037
Maidan Garhi South West delhi 110068
Malcha Marg South West delhi 110021
Malik Pur South West delhi 110073
Malviya Nagar South Delhi 110017
Mandi South West delhi 110047
Masjid Moth South Delhi 110048
Masood Pur South West delhi 110070
Master Prithvi nath marg Central Delhi 110005
Maya Puri South West delhi 110064
Mehchana B.O 122504
Mehrauli South West delhi 110030
Mini Sectt. S.O 122001
Mitraon South West delhi 110028
Mmtc/stc Colony South Delhi 110017
Molarband South Delhi 110044
Moti Bagh South West delhi 110021
Multani Dhanda Central Delhi 110055
Mundela Kalan South West delhi 110028
Munirka South West delhi 110067
N.S.i.t. dwarka South West delhi 110078
Nagina S.O (Gurgaon) 122108
Nai B.O 122508
Najafgarh South West delhi 110043
Nanak Pura South West delhi 110021
Nangal Dewat South West delhi 110037
Nangal Raya South West delhi 110046
Nanukalan S.O 122414
Naraina Industrial estate South West delhi 110028
Naraina Village South West delhi 110028
Narela North West delhi 110040
Narhera B.O 122503
Narsinghpur S.O 122004
Nathupur B.O 122002
National Physical laboratory Central Delhi 110012
Nauroji Nagar South West delhi 110029
Neb Sarai South West delhi 110068
Nehru Nagar South Delhi 110065
Nehru Place South Delhi 110019
Netaji Nagar South West delhi 110023
New Colony S.O (Gurgaon) 122001
New Delhi Central Delhi 110001
New Delhi south ext-ii South Delhi 110049
New Friends colony South Delhi 110025
Nie Campus South West delhi 110016
Nirman Bhawan Central Delhi 110011
North Avenue Central Delhi 110001
Nsg Camp Manesar S.O 122051
Nuh S.O 122107
Okhla Industrial area phase-i South Delhi 110020
Okhla Industrial estate South Delhi 110020
Pahar Ganj Central Delhi 110055
Pahari B.O 122502
Palam Airport South West delhi 110037
Palam Road S.O 122015
Palam Vihar S.O (Gurgaon) 122017
Paltra B.O 122101
Panchsheel Enclave 110017
Pandara Road Central Delhi 110003
Pandwala Kalan South West delhi 110028
Papravat South West delhi 110028
Parliament House Central Delhi 110001
Paryavaran Complex South West delhi 110030
Patel Nagar Central Delhi 110008
Patel Nagar east Central Delhi 110008
Patel Nagar south Central Delhi 110008
Patel Nagar west Central Delhi 110008
Pathreri B.O 122413
Patiala House Central Delhi 110001
Pinto Park South West delhi 110010
Pooth Kalan North West delhi 110086
Postal Sb r.k.puram sector-6 South West delhi 110022
Pragati Vihar South Delhi 110003
Pratap Market South Delhi 110014
Pul Pahladpur South Delhi 110044
Punhana S.O 122508
Pushp Vihar South Delhi 110017
Pushpa Bhawan South Delhi 110062
Quazipur South West delhi 110028
Qutabagarh North West delhi 110039
R K puram (main) South West delhi 110066
R K puram sect-1 South West delhi 110022
R K puram sect-12 South West delhi 110022
R K puram sect-3 South West delhi 110022
R K puram sect-4 South West delhi 110022
R K puram sect-5 South West delhi 110022
R K puram sect-8 South West delhi 110022
R K puram west South West delhi 110066
Rail Bhawan Central Delhi 110001
Raisina B.O 122102
Raj Nagar - ii South West delhi 110077
Rajokari South West delhi 110038
Raota South West delhi 110073
Rashtrapati Bhawan Central Delhi 110004
Rathiwas B.O 122105
Rawli B.O 122104
Rethath B.O 122508
Rewasan B.O 122103
Rewla Khanpur South West delhi 110028
S J enclave South West delhi 110029
S P school South West delhi 110074
Sadiq Nagar South Delhi 110049
Safdarjung Air port South Delhi 110003
Sagarpur South West delhi 110046
Sahpurjat South Delhi 110049
Saket South Delhi 110017
Sakras B.O 122108
Sansad Marg Central Delhi 110001
Sant Nagar South Delhi 110065
Sarhaul B.O 122015
Sarita Vihar South Delhi 110076
Sarojini Nagar South West delhi 110023
Sarvodya Enclave South Delhi 110017
Sat Nagar Central Delhi 110005
Satbari South West delhi 110074
Secretariat North Central Delhi 110001
Sector 40 122003
Sector 44 Kanhai Colony 122003
Sector 45 Uday Nagar Kanhai 122003
Sector 46 Huda colony Jal vihar colony 122002
Sector 47 Malibu town Kenwood 122001
Sector 48 Central park 2 Tikri 122018
Sector 49 Sispal vihar vatika city Crescent park 122018
Sector 50 Nirvana Adampur 122017
Sector 51 Samaspur village 122018
Sector 57 Richpal colony Sushant lok 3 122018
Sewari B.O 122506
Shahbad Mohammadpur South West delhi 110061
Shastri Bhawan Central Delhi 110001
Shivaji Nagar S.O (Gurgaon) 122001
Shopping Centre mayapuri South West delhi 110064
Sidhrawali B.O 122413
Signal Enclave South West delhi 110010
Sikanderpur B.O 122004
Sikohpur B.O 122004
Sikrawa B.O 122508
Singar B.O 122508
Smaspur B.O 122003
Sohna Adda S.O 122001
Sohna S.O 122103
South Avenue Central Delhi 110011
South Delhi campus South West delhi 110021
South Malviya nagar South Delhi 110017
Sriniwaspuri South Delhi 110065
Station Road South West delhi 110010
Subroto Park South West delhi 110010
Sudaka B.O 122107
Sukhdev Vihar South Delhi 110025
Sultanpur South West delhi 110030
Sultanpur B.O 122506
Sundh B.O 122105
Supreme Court Central Delhi 110001
Surehra South West delhi 110028
Swami Ram tirth nagar Central Delhi 110055
Syed Shahpur B.O 122414
T B hospital South West delhi 110030
Tain B.O 122107
Talimabad South Delhi 110062
Tapkan B.O 122107
Tatarpur B.O 122502
Tauru S.O 122105
Technology Bhawan South West delhi 110016
Teekli B.O 122101
Tehkhand South Delhi 110019
Tilangpur Kotla South West delhi 110028
Tugalkabad South Delhi 110019
Tugalkabad Railway colony South Delhi 110044
Turkiawas B.O 122502
Udyog Bhawan Central Delhi 110011
Ujina B.O 122107
Ujwa South West delhi 110073
Umra B.O 122108
Unchamajra B.O 122503
Union Public service commissio Central Delhi 110069
Urban Estate S.O (Gurgaon) 122001
Vasant Kunj South West delhi 110070
Vasant Kunj pkt-a South West delhi 110070
Vasant Vihar-1 South West delhi 110057
Vasant Vihar-2 South West delhi 110057
Wazipur B.O 122505
Wazirabad B.O 122003
Zakir Nagar South Delhi 110025
airforce so 122005
dlf qe so 122002
galleria dlf galleria dlf 122009
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