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Our Story


  • The Story Behind Our Story
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    MSP WORLD has been born out of my personal experience. My son was struggling with health issues at a time when ideally, he should have been living life to its fullest. After doing everything that all mothers do, visiting all sorts of doctors, consulting friends and family elders, I came to the realization that all the suffering was because of contaminated, pesticide and preservative infused food that has found its way into our lives.

    I started giving him natural, pesticide free food and my son soon showed signs of recovery. Over a period of six months, he recovered completely. Eventually, our family gravitated towards natural and organic food.

    Like all things special, I shared my experience with friends and family and was overwhelmed with requests for organic and natural food. It made me realise that good food and food ingredients were much sought after, but difficult to find.

    But I could not find many reliable and good sources of healthy food. It then dawned on me that the only way I could ensure organic and natural food was by cultivating some key products in-house. I started with cultivating organic food on my rooftop and purchased a small piece of land very close to Ranthambore in Rajasthan. This land was cultivated using organic practices and inputs and has become the source of organic pulses and grains sold by MSP World.

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    In our country food is revered and treated with the highest respect as it is the key to a vital and healthy life. MSP WORLD wants to make available high quality organic and healthy food products from the best of farms to its customers so that the tradition of healthy food can be revived.

    Since our goal is to offer everything organic and natural so that customers can get a completely organic and natural diet, we have tied with other like minded reputed brands in the organic food industry.

    We will soon introduce milk shakes, kulfi and ice creams processed and prepared by using organic and natural ingredients. This will help reach out to more people and help spread the joy of eating right.

    Under MSP WORLD, we have extended this regime from what we eat to what we use on our body and skin. During my visits to Morocco, I discovered a few such gems which we have also included to our exclusive line of products.

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    We have recently opened our retail outlet in Gurugram where customer can see, touch, feel of various organic, natural products before they buy.

    Soon, MSP WORLD will become a platform to those who cultivate, process and deal in organic and natural food to market their product through our network. MSP World would also seek to include homemade and artisanal products, giving a stage to local businesses and artisans.

    Please feel free to share your ideas on how we can make organic food a way of life. I will also be delighted to get your feedback on MSP World products. Please do write to me at the email below.

    - Madhavi Parikh, Founder MSP WORLD

  • Why Organic ?
    The world needs Organic in the future because it was of he pass
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    Organic products augment life at every stage of the natural cycle. They not only help us enjoy natural products to their fullest but by providing us with a toxic free environment, they help improve our physical health and give us the gift of a wholesome life for our loved ones.

    By reducing the detrimental effects of chemicals and fertilizers, they help improve the quality of soil, which it turn helps improve the quality of all our agricultural products, once again accentuating the quality of our lives and that of those to come.

    A better quality of soil enhances the flora and fauna of any particular environment. Hence, cultivating organically helps improve the quality of habitat for all species inhabiting it.

    On another level, organic cultivation helps emancipate the local marginalized farmer economically, by helping boost their yield, whatever the size of their farm may be.

  • The Journey we want to take...
    MSP World wants to give life an "Organic Upgrade"!
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    MSP WORLD strives to give the gift of an organically evolved life to society at an affordable price.

    In the future -

    ~ We will also encourage sustainable organic farming to give marginalized farmers a better livelihood.

    ~ We would also endeavor to empower urban/rural families and local artisans to produce homemade products, cut out the middle man and help them connect with the global consumer.

    ~ On the other end of the spectrum, we also want to provide the consumer with an exceptional online shopping experience, with our exclusive line of 100% organic products delivered to their door steps safely and securely at a low cost, with convenient payment options and easy returns!

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