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Jasmine oil (15ml) 100% pure natural & undiluted oil

By Kazima
30 MLl


What is pure jasmine oil? – Jasmine oil is extracted from the flowers of the Jasmine as it is well known due to its captivating and refreshing fragrance. Since the ancient period of times the jasmine oil is widely used by the women due to the beneficial properties added with the use of it.

Process of extraction – Steam distillation process is adopted for the extraction of this essential oil from the flowers of the Jasmine. The pure thus obtained after the extraction process has captivating and enchanting fragrance.

Key Benefits


Calm your nerves – This essential oil also proves to be very effective in calming your nerves by providing great relax to it.

Reduces hair fall – If the nerves are soothed then automatically problems related to the hair loss can be easily eliminated.

Strengthen roots of hair – It helps in strengthening the roots of the hair, less prone to the breakage and makes your hair stronger.

Dandruff – Due to the strong anti-septic properties present in the jasmine oil it also helps in dispelling the problems related to dandruff. It fights against the microbial infections.

Prevents dry and itchy scalp – Jasmine oil is well known due to its moisturizing property which helps in preventing dry and itchy scalps if the massage with it is provided to the person.

Deeply conditioning the hair – Jasmine oil works effectively in conditioning the hair more deeply.

Makes skin soft – It helps to keep the skin soft and healthier if the little amount or few drops of it get added to your cosmetics such lotions or creams.

Relieves dry skin – If 2 drops of jasmine oil is added with 2 teaspoon almond oil then this mixture should be applied on the elbows and knees as it helps in providing great relief to the dry skin and stretch marks. Jasmine oil increases the elasticity by skin.

Fragrant bath – If few drops of it is added to your bath water then it would make your bath filled with fragrant and it also proves to be very beneficial for skin as it helps to keep it soft and supple.

Skin infections – Due to its antiseptic properties, it also helps to keep the skin free from any kind of skin infection.

Oily skin – Jasmine oil also helps to regulate the amount of oil that is basically produced by the skin of oily type.

Break out – There is no chance of skin breakout if the few drops of jasmine oil is added to the 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and it is applied on the affected area.

Skin glowing – It helps to keep your skin glowing if it is applied during the aromatherapy sessions.

Stress – It provides great relief from the stressed mind.

Headache – Due tom the enchanting fragrance of this essential oil it helps in eliminating the various mind related problems such as anxiety, headache, depression and various other such kind of problems.

Mood elevator – It also works effectively in uplifting the mood of the patient by creating happiness and joy in the environment.

Relaxes body – The fragrance of this essential oil helps in providing great relax to the nerves of the body due to which it is widely used during the aromatherapy sessions.

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